Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vindy?

Vindy connects bookstores directly to each other to facilitate the trade of textbooks among peers nationwide. It also consolidates nationally available inventory online into one location, to be sourced in bulk on a single order invoice. By combining the pricing efficiency of the online marketplace with the logistical proficiency of a bulk operation, bookstores are able to remove middle-man margins, allowing them to sell for more and source for less. Through an intuitive interface with tools that allow you to upload your entire want list, bin and hold receiving, and direct invoices with favorable payment terms, bookstores can take complete control of their textbook inventory.

Who can join Vindy?

Any bookstore, institutional or private, can join Vindy. All that is needed is an invite code from one of your peers.

Does it cost to join Vindy?

No. Vindy is a free service with no monthly or annual membership fees.

Is it easy to find and purchase books?

Yes. We have made the purchasing process as simple as possible. Within Vindy, you can upload and search for your entire want list with just a few clicks, or source books individually.